steel construction

contact person sales

B.Eng. / welding engineer
Steffen Grunewald
– manager
Telefon: 04401-9808-25
Mobil: 01633-9808-25
Fax: 04401-9808-9925

contact person steel construction

Feinwerkmechanikermeister / welding specialist
Thade Daniel
– head of department
Telefon: 04401-9808-21
Mobil: 01633-9808-21
Fax: 04401-9808-9921


Everything from steel


From simple welding assemblies to steel halls, we build almost anything that can be imagined from this sustainable material. In addition to the new building, we have developed a special strength in new buildings and conversions. This can affect the building itself, but also facilities like stage and platforms, as well as constructions around the machines and plants of our customers. We are certified according to EN 1090 (EXC 3) as a welding shop. Our quality management system is also regularly certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2, as is our safety management system “Sicher mit System – SMS”.
• steel hall
• stage systems
• steel hydraulic engeneering
• special constructions
• pipe bridges


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