contact person sales

B.Eng. / welding engineer
Steffen Grunewald
– manager
Telefon: 04401-9808-25
Mobil: 01633-9808-25
Fax: 04401-9808-9925

contact person metalworking

Carsten Wöhler
– head of department
Telefon: 04401-9808-34
Mobil: 01633-9808-34
Fax: 04401-9808-9934


Locksmith work at a new level


Our metal construction dominates the full range of metal processing. Whether steel, stainless steel, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals, we create your solution. We manufacture stairs and railings, pipelines or assemblies according to your specifications and supply or install them in galvanized or coated versions.
A special strength is our extremely flexible technical industry service, which is available to our contract customers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Here we provide almost everything that is possible in new construction, conversion or repair of metal.
• staircase and railings
• pipeline construction
• technical industry service
• assembly production
• stainless steel processing

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