Eng. Fritz Böning, founder Staff ca. 1950Breite Straße ca. 1950 Breite Straße / Holbeinstraße 1966 Staff 1970Staff 2003Am Sieltief 2001Marie-Curie-Straße, OHZ 2013

In 1941, Fritz Böning took over the Maschinenfabrik Joh. Wefer and on this basis created the company “Fribo”. With the transfer to the second generation in 1972 the registration of the engineer Fritz Böning KG took place. Later, Bönings son-in-law, Dipl.-Ing. Magnus F. Barghorn, another change of name: since 1984, the company has been expanding as a Barghorn GmbH & Co. KG at the Brake location. Up to the end of the year, up to 11 trades were created under one roof. Under increasing pressure of specialization, this constellation was no longer up-to-date, so that between 2000 and 2017, the company had steadily expanded the departments of steel construction, mechanical engineering and metal construction, while at the same time diversifying through other departments. Today, Barghorn employs more than 110 people and offers training places for 30 young people.


Joh. Wefer was taken over by Fritz Böning, shortly afterwards expanded by the heating, plumbing and electrical departments as well as the opening of an electrical specialist shop and a car repair shop


25 years barghorn (“FRIBÖ”) and start of the steel construction division by Dipl.-Ing. Magnus F. Barghorn


Operation and delivery to the Böning subsidiaries: 1. Motor vehicle workshop (Ruth Haase) and 2. Steel and mechanical engineering, house technology and electrical specialist shop (Lilo Barghorn)


New construction on the Weserstraße, construction of the metal construction department


50 years barghorn and operation extension around the metal building


Operating handover to Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Gunnar Barghorn


Expansion of the plant over the 1700 square meter production hall


Expansion of the mechanical engineering department by a 180 square meter production hall for aluminum constructions


Justification of a craftsman’s cooperation with Langer E-Technik GmbH, based in Varel, take over our electrical department by Langer and integrate the Braker location of Langer into our premises


75 years barghorn


Displacement of the area windows, doors facades made of aluminum by expanding the departments steel construction, mechanical engineering and metal construction